Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
What is the minimum order quantity?
Our basic minimum order is 100 pieces per type per design. If less than 100 pieces, we suggest you let us know your order size and we will advise you accordingly case by case and a surcharge might be applicable.
What is the lead time for product delivery?
The standard lead-time for product delivery is 30 days from the date of confirmed order with the signing off of the final design visual and the quotations along with the receipt of 50% deposit if applicable.

As we are a total JIT (Just in Time) Customization house, we do not keep inventory and will only start design conceptualization after thorough consultancy session with you.

Another factor which will contribute to a longer lead-time when we have to order fabric or certain materials, which must be imported on your behalf.

Our goal is to ensure that you receive your products on a timely basis. We will do everything in our power to ensure that we get your finished products shipped to you as soon as possible without rushing the production time needed or compromising on the quality.
Do I have a choice of colors for the fabric or material for items like Polo Shirts, Caps etc?
For orders qty of less than 500 , we will not be able to order fabric or dye as it would be costly. Therefore, we can only offer you whatever fabric is in our stock.
Why are prices not indicated on most of the items?
Since we are a customization house, we customize most products based on our clients' instructions on the dimension, materials preferred etc. Therefore, it is only until we know the exact specification and complete the final design visuals that we are able to quote the final price.
What are the payment methods?
A 50% deposit is required once order is confirmed and after receiving all the specification, sign off final design visuals and quotation. Exception is when we have a private arrangement between and some of our clients. Full payment is due 7 calendar days from the date of delivery.

Cash payment is preferred . Since we quote in USD only and if payment is done in other foreign currencies, the prevailing bank exchange rate on the day of payment would apply. Other forms of payment will be based on a case-by-case assessment.
How does conduct business with clients overseas?
We have done businesses with clients whom we have never met face to face. The process is simple and could all be done using the email system and the express postal service:

  1. Indicate to us the desired product
  2. We will put together a proposal with computer imaging and price quotation based on your special requirements.
  3. Email to us the artwork for any corporate logo insertion; pantone color codes of the logos, font types for any wordings etc.
  4. We will attempt to create a computer imaging of the desired product based on the artwork given to us. We will provide a few variations for your perusal.
  5. After the first round of pre-approval using such images created in d), we will proceed to produce an exact sample based on your artwork approval with a spare production sample in our hands.
  6. Once you have approved the production sample and we have signed the contract and received the deposit, we will initiate production immediately.
Does give out free samples or produce samples before client orders?
Yes and No! As to producing samples and forwarding them to clients, we will normally gauge the situation and decide on a case-to-case basis as it is very costly for us to freely give out samples.

If samples are absolutely required, sample fees plus air freight charge will be applicable and needs to be prepaid prior to sample delivery. If orders are received, we will reimburse all sample costs from the final invoice.

For our loyal customers (or customers with repeat orders) samples will be provided at no additional cost as our value-added service.