Welcome to PREMIUMLINK the specialist when it comes to customizing corporate wearables for business houses and organizations. At PREMIUMLINK, we have the experience and the expertise of working with business owners to produce corporate wearable products that are just what you need or your organization.

By dividing our operations into segments, we are able to cater to your corporate needs in a more efficient and personalized manner. We are able to provide you with a line of merchandise that you can choose from that will satisfy your purpose and fit your corporate image however you want it to be. We can personalize a wide range of products. We do not buy product overruns or rejects from wholesalers.

We are a JIT (just in time) house carrying absolutely no inventories of finished products unless ordered by our customers. Constantly pushing the "edge of the envelope", various divisions add both dimension and scope to our incredible lines of merchandise with our ability to create completely custom and exclusive pieces for our corporate clients.

Our goal is to become the market leader in Vietnam, the Asia Pacific region and beyond for everything to do with corporate sport and golf items. With our focus on

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product and Service Innovation
  • Superior Customer Service and prompt delivery
  • Reasonable pricing to fit your budget

We believe we are able to achieve this goal. We want to make it easier for you, the customer, and we want to do it so that your clients appreciate and remember it.

In the various product sections, we shall show you some of the various types of wearables mainly Caps and Polo Shirts and other wearables we have produced for corporations in the region. We go to great lengths in ensuring that we provide you with the quality and workmanship that we are known for at very competitive prices.